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Suwun Surabaya

I’m writing this post while waiting (maybe) my last departure flight from Juanda airport. Ya, after 4 years enjoying your sexiest and hottest sunlight, i’m leaving Surabaya. I was such emotionally tired to wrap all my stuff in to my bags. Everyone know that overload on baggage is awful, you should pay more for overweight luggage. But how i can pay to all memories which i left behind in Surabaya? I didn’t load in all those memories, all those histories, all happiness, and tears, I can’t.

On the first day to meet you, Surabaya, i just realized that there is a place where people talk louder than barking, pecel were served with rice, djancuk is a uni-language to express all feeling, sky without a piece of cloud,  and of course how “medok” accent can destroy all my crush to a stranger. You taught me a lot, Surabaya. You show me how to be a tough boy reaching his dreams, pointing the way to struggle, burring inside to all my selfishness. I learn a lot by seeing and feeling directly how “Arek-arek Sur0boyo” spirit is one of best social-energy, and it’s already blazing in my soul.

Whoops, it was my final boarding call.

I’m ready to face the future.

Suwun Surabaya!

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    • bdulkarim bdulkarim

      kan KZL liat mba mba cantik eh sekalinya ngomong aduuhdduuuh

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