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Prince Ea’s Message to World Education

Albert Einstein once said everybody’s a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. It will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. Today on trial we have modern day schooling. Glad you could come. Not only does he make fish climb trees but also makes the climb down… and do a ten mile run. Tell me school, are you proud of the things you’ve done? Turning millions of people into robots, do you find that fun? Do you reliase how many kids relate to that fish? Swimming upstream in class, never finding their gifts… Thinking they are stupid. Believing the are useless. But the time has come, no more excuses. I call school to the stand and accuse him of killing creativity! Individuality! And being intellectually abusive. He’s an ancient institution that has outlived his usaged.

No more common core, instead let’s reach the core of every heart in every class. Sure math is important, but no more than art or dance. Let’s give every gift an equal chance. I know it sounds like a dream, but countries like Finland are doing impressive things. They have shorter school days. Teacher make a decent wage. Homework is non-existent and they focus on collaboration instead of competition. But there’s the kicker boys and girls. Their educational system outperforms every other country in the world. Other places like Singapore are succeeding rapidly. Schools like Montessori. Programmes like Khan Academy. There is no single solution, but let’s get moving. Because while student maybe 20% of our population, they are 100% of our future. So let’s attend to their dreams and there’s no telling what we can achieve.

This is a world in which We believe. A world where fish no longer forced to climb trees.

-Lab Biokimia. 08 Oktober 2016 [11:56]-

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