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GE Award Ceremony & Leadership Development Seminar

GE Award  Ceremony & Leadership Development Seminar that held on 20-21 October 2016 are series of event held by IIEF in order to develop leadership capability of GE Scholars by following outbond, several discussions with GE Leaders, and also awarding ceremony. First day, GE Scholar 2014-2015 are going to Campas Outbound at Sentul to do some activities, playing games, and taking light discussion. In this session we learn how to open and accustom ourself to people around, appreciate and thankful to each other, build strong team and work out together, and also putting trust above all. Moreover, conducive location and profesional trainer pursue us to catch the values.

The second day, GE Scholars get a worth opportunity to following GE Leadership Development Seminar delivered by GE Leaders Indonesia. There are four sessions of discussions: Leadership, Bussiness Networking, Professional Career Path, and Marketing Strategy.

Adrianto Darmoyo, one of the youngest GE Leaders, presents a great experience as speaker in Leadership session. He shares his success experience in winning the project of Power Plant Jawa I, his college life, and also the good lifestyle. Team work and trusting each other is the most important aspect to achieve the goal. In GE, age is pointless as long as you has good ideas and throw your best effort. Break your limit, improve networking, and convey your ideas well. As good leader, he believes at OAR vs BED methods. OAR stands for Optimize, Accountability, and Result. Leader should have optimism to catch their target. Especially in team, everyone is leader, it is not about who will lead the leader but who able to support each other to keep optimist up! Every leader’s decision must be responsible and they should has accountability to do something. Do it as long as you right! The most important is our optimism and accountability must be in line with the result. No success leader with poor result. In other side, BED stands for Blame, Excuse, and Delay. If we have bad result in any target, dont blame people and excuse to something. But take a learning for our failure and make it be stepping stone to our next success. As a leader, we should avoid delay any job. Do it now or never. He also give some advices for us to serve our work:

1. Give anything on your job, dont regret

2. Always give maximum effort

3. Do exercise, such sport and fasting, to support your health

4. Tawakkal

Next session is talking about Bussiness Networking, presented by Mrs. Melati who expert at Legal Affairs Bussiness of GE Indonesia. We learn how to build a tough networking especially with high priority people identically has no time to remember thousands of people. We should be genuine, don’t look for someone just because you need something, prepared before the meeting, and give your unic to notice them. To build wide networking we also need to expand social connection, it able by social media or real life. Don’t forget to connect with old friends and family, sometimes we don’t know which hands will hold us later. Mrs. Melati shares her tips to expand for our Bussinees Networking:

1. Stop being shy

2. Attend the seminar frequently

3. Prepare well to show on

4. Throw the ideas

5. Take some luch/dinner or just a cup of coffee

The third session is discussing about Professional Career Path delivered by Ms. Rachma and Mr. Rudy Affandi from Human Resource Division of GE Indonesia. The most important things to determine career path is our own passion. “Passion drives you to persuate!” Work never be work as long as those are your passion.  Career path can be designed by construct our personal values, personal goals, career goal, life passion, and career passion.  Mr. Rudy has share us about his experience to find his passion, it motivates us to dicover our passion as earlier as we can but don’t give up till we get it. He also remind us that “history contribute future”. Thomas Alfa Edison never fail 999 times, but he success to find 999 failed experiments and 1 succeed experiment.

Marketing Strategy delivered by Mr. Muliandy Nasution in the last session becomes most interesting part of seminar. We learn how to promote our self effeciently with strong statement that remembered by “market”. In this session we continously one-by-one promote our personal added value, experience, passion, and also excellence to our friends. This great simulation pursue us to ventured for promoting our self in real life. We also learn about some marketing types, B2B and B2C. B2B known as one bussiness selling good or services to another bussiness, generally make products that consumers have no practical use for. General Electric company is part of B2B bussiness model. While B2C is bussiness that sell to consumer, some B2C companies are: Danone, Unilever, P&G, etc. To understand our market strategy, we should determine our constumer, product value, exact promotion, partner, and rivals.

After great discussion with great GE Leaders, we meet the GE Foundation Leadership Scholar alumni, Marini and Bima both from ITB. They share their experience on prepare get job, continous study abroad, and career/life path after campus. It becomes precious sessions for us to prepare next step on last year of study. After dinner, we meet with all GE Scholar alumni and GE Volunteer to following Award Ceremony. IIEF mediates us to build a collaboration activities with GE Volunteer later on. In this session we are going to now each other and construct first step action for GE Alumni able to contribute more.

Leadership development seminar and GE award ceremony is very valuable to me and all GE Scholar to sharp up leadership capability and expand profesional connections. I hope this event can be an annual event for us to strengthen our relationshipp and build solid collaboration for nation. Thank GE and IIEF!

-Meja Belajar. 29 November 2016 [23:56]-

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