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Bukit Jaddih on trip!

Why we should take foreign vacation whereas thousands awesome spot are in our country  😆

It’s 366/366 pages of 2016, no tough plan no idea but we need a stress-cure. Then in one hour by line freecall all set up! We got: Reko, Naziroh, Embun, Faiz, Adrian, Nora, and ofcourse Igo and Agung as worst holiday maker. We never plan as well for this trip, just because we have nothing to do and every body getting weird on final year so here we go!

The trip can be reached, ITS to Bangkalan (a regency of East Java took place at Madura island), for ±60 minutes by motorcycling. Passing the Suramadu Bridge with fine view as main connector between Java-Madura island, it seems good for refresh your mind, throw out stress, and raise your soul. Fyi, we don’t need to pay motorcycle ticket for passing suramadu bridge anymore. It’s well policy to simplify movement around those area.

First stop is Bebek Sinjay, the most popular and famous to eat “Nasi Bebek” with “sambel pencit”. This place is insanely crowded! We need had to queue for almost half hour to got our food. I recommend you to visit the original stall although there are several branch stall in some cities. PS: dont  try to come at launch time if you just have narrow time, zombie are hungry too.

We move to Bukit Jaddih at 12 am after Adrian and Nora arrived on Bebek Sinjay. There is no clear direction to get there. Reko already used google map, but we got lost twice(mungkin hp nya yang jelek) before we decided to asking native people

“Buk, bukit jaddih dimana ya?”

“Oh, ke arah sana mas” she points a opposite way, yep we lost

Government should upgrade tourism facility due to huge potential must be supported by well management. How could it be if foreign tourists wanna get there? Should they speak Maduro? ahaha aku aja gak ngerti bahasa madura~ One more thing, there are several spot that you get “pungli” (extortion; not real extortion actually, just some tickets that handled by native people. We dont know it 10/10 used for tourism facilities or not. Government must take over it) So we paid Rp. 5000 for front post, then Rp. 5000 (include parking fee) for first spot, then Rp. 5000 for next spot but the decided to back home (karena 1. kayaknya ga ada spot bagus buat fotofoto 2. karena bayar lagi) haha

Bukit jaddih initially is limestone mining area and not open to the public, but now this has enabled the Bukit Jaddih tourist sites opened to the public. Disebalik bukit yang ada danau (?) biru ini masih aktif penambangan kapur, sepanjang jalan menuju lokasi ini juga dapat dilihat hasil tambang yang digunakan oleh masyarakat.

Good view for stress people haha

Yeaah madura island sooo hot, bodo nya kita dateng di tengah siang haha kan cerdas. Panasnya beda sih, gak ada angin samsek. Tapi ternyata disini juga disediain goa tempat berteduh haha, kreatif  😆


Here you some tips to visit Bukit Jaddih:

  1. Plan your trip (at least)  a day before for earlier set off (biar gak melongo di SPBU nungguin faiz baru mandi)
  2. Morning trip will be better (jadinya gak kepanasan di jalan, gak ngantri Bebek Sinjay, dan gak gosong di Bukit Jaddih)
  3. Take sunblock! biar tetep putih kayak aku
  4. Mineral water will be good set
  5. Follow the front line of convoy (biar gak bocor kayak motor faiz)
  6. Make sure you have no appoinmet after trip (haha maap ya Embun jadinya nelat balik Surabaya padahal Embun ada janji jam 2)

Last group pict before leaving, kata reko sih: New year means new friends, new places and new hopes. Iyain ajabiar Reko seneng  🙄

So it’s your turn to visit Bukit Jaddih, murka alam berubah menjadi berkah!

Enjoy Indonesia!

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  1. Valentino Reko Valentino Reko

    Hahaha nice broo, just cannot wait for the next trip

    • bdulkarim bdulkarim

      Indeed! 😀

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